Monday, September 7, 2009

First day back...

... was ok actually.

It wasn't too bad. The children are lovely, and several gave me gentle hugs at random moments. The adults in the classroom were supportive. The parents were interested, but cautious.

I was Brave.
I was Strong.
I was Doing the Right Thing for the AC.

Was I Sure I was Doing the Right Thing for me?

Well, does that really matter? Not really. The AC needs routine and practical help. I'm not going to let him fester and develop bad behaviour whilst the world panders to him and I let him get away with things because I'm too focused on me and my losses to care for him properly.

Therefore, I have to get on. I have to focus on something else, I have to go to work, I have to get on with life. If he needs help, he'll get it. He's under careful observation by his teacher and his old teacher to see how he's doing away from me.

And you know what? He'll be fine. We've talked about it, he hasn't had the line of bull that some children get, he's had just what he can cope with, because I know my son.

Yes, I sound defensive. I've been getting the subtle, and the not-so-subtle, questions all day. And that's ok. People are interested, people do want to know.

Today I told them. Tomorrow, I don't think I will.

We'll see.


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