Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's late...

... and I'm not in bed.

Tomorrow will be 2 months since my world was ripped apart.

I'm glad he's not here for another September though. They hurt him so much, every year, to know it was another year since the BG was taken away. And now he can see her whenever he wants, according to the AC. It's the BG I feel for, knowing she'll never see her father, and any chance of a relationship has gone. I feel sorry for the She-Ex in a way as well, who will have to explain to the BG one day why she never saw her Daddy after she was 3 years, 5 months old, when she could have seen him every day. Why there wasn't regular webcam and photos and so on. There will be the blog though, and I have plans for that, that don't involve the She-Ex.

I still haven't heard anything about who or what is supposed to have upset her, so I'm guessing it's nothing again, or she's dragging something up from the past again. "Whatever!" as they say in the common parlance!

I should go to bed.

I should.

I am.


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