Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PPA? Smart!

Today I became head of house (GO GO GO PHOENIX!) taught for an hour, then had 2 hours ICT time to update the Smart Learning, then had 2 hours PPA time in which to plan, but which, in actuality, I completed the updating of the Smart Learning, and then that was the end of school and I came home.

And now I'm here, and he's not.

And he won't be.

And that's ok. (No it bloody isn't!)

See my official face!

The game face is taped onto my real face so hard to teach, you'd think I was the Joker. No, really.

You should have seen me do house meeting for 100 children. I rocked the joint! And I had no notice, because everyone suddenly realised that Chris wasn't here (as in, he'd left!) and there was only 3 of us who could do it, 1 was new to school, 1 wasn't going to do it, so there was me!

In my Anti Grieving Boots, which I shall photograph later for you, Dear Reader.

And now, to a cup of tea.

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