Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brownies and Up!

I went with the Brownies, and CP, to see UP! today.

It was a tremendous film, and I cried like a girlie girl for lots of it.

I won't write about why now, because you might not have seen it, but if you get chance, you do that thing.

Then CP brought me back here, and there was no gaming so there was Chinese and a little boy in tears because people weren't here.

And then a little boy telling me he was sorry, he told me a lie.

When I asked him what, he said it wasn't them, it was Rich, but he was trying to be brave. He wants Rich back, or he wants to know why it had to happen to "my Richard."

I couldn't tell him.

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Chef Penny said...

Such a brave boy! You are doing a tremendous job, Sarah!