Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, I've heard nothing from the She-Ex or I-t-B, so it looks like they are either really busy (probable in I-t-B's case) or just aren't interested in the inquest or need certificates. That's ok, if that's the way that they need to be to be right now, that's ok. It means I don't need to keep them informed about when it is and so on, which makes life a lot easier. I will make one more effort, for BG's sake, with both of them, and then we're clearly done!

My thought process on this is that if they aren't interested in this, then they aren't interested in anything of Rich's, and I will get on with sorting it out by myself. I've already decided lots of things, and was willing to work with them to help them get the "things" that they were asking about. This just appears that the She-Ex in particular was just asking and infact isn't bothered at all by what has happened, which makes the comment of "I loved Richard desperately, still do" that she left on here apparent as the hyperbole it was in the first place. That's why I left the comment on the blog, and infact, I answered it in detail, because it was utter claptrap.

I'm not doubting that she loved him once, and I felt that that desperate possessive love carried on for a long while, and now she's enjoying being the widow, and that's fine, but this just shows how interested she really is. Yet again, as in everything, from what Rich said and what I've seen with her own eyes, she likes the nice bits, the "look at me" bits, and doesn't want to do the work bits.

But I'll try one more time.... for BG's sake. And then it's just blog updating until I meet the BG sometime and we talk about her Daddy properly. She and the AC are the ones who have lost out so much in this. I'm fine - even the Doc yesterday when AC and I went for bereavement session (their invite, not my request!) said I was doing fine, it's all perfectly normal. I'm going back on the pill which will regularise my innards, (and as a bonus get rid of my spots on my back and I'll probably lose half a stone,) but I don't need anti-depressants or anything, I'm fairly well adjusted (tho there are those people, mainly Welsh, who would disagree!) and that's ok! I didn't want anti-d's, I've seen them cloud people's judgement too much when prescribed for any old thing and I have a son to look after. AC may have a referral, he's just wait and see at the moment.

It's horrible to be even having a prescription for the pill though. But I'm not going to be trying for children any more, so I may as well claim the benefits of it. There's a whole nother post there though.

Yeah. :-(

So! *readjusts game face* On with the day!

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