Saturday, November 21, 2009


2012 was a loooooooooooooooooooooooong film.

It had an intermission.

So now I'm off to bed.

But I wanted to thank Blended Families for her comment she left me.  He was a sweet man.  He was sweet, kind, loving, generous, handsome, as good a father as he was allowed to be, a wonderful stepfather, a conciensious school govenor, a hard working man, a practical man, a fun man, a gaming man, and I love him.  To know that someone else sees the sweetness, is cool.

We've come back from films so many times, chatting about the film, sitting on the sofa having a cup of tea togehter, knowing that we're going to go upstairs to bed, to snuggle in the warmth of our love, to have a long lie in (if you're him) in the morning, and then shower, town, lunch, home, bed, friends, AC return, and to bed once more. It wasn't an exciting life.  The She-Ex referred to it as "spiffy" once.

"Really Sarah, what are you guys living with, apart from Richard not having BG, his life seems pretty damned spiffy right now."

It was 29th June, this year.  

18 days later, he was dead.

I guess, "apart from" not ever seeing his daughter since her mother took her the way she did, (or in fact not having even had pictures for 6 weeks before he died) his life was spiffy.  We built a good life, a strong life, a boring in places but we loved it, kind of life.

I'll build it again,  piece by piece, just like I did the last one. There will be room in it for all who want to be in it, and all who I want to be in it, whether they want to be there or not lol!

We were sweet to each other, he and I, and we enabled each other to be sweet to other people by removing the problems for the other one as much as we could.  Isn't that what love, relationships, marriage, are about?

I think so.

Thankyou Blended Families lady.  Sweet is a good word.

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