Friday, November 6, 2009

Fireworks were great!

We went to fireworks last night. AC was late to bed on a school night, but he'll survive. No one at school will have planned anything much after knowing all the kids were going to fireworks last night.

We've sorted out the issue with the Celebration on Monday, I'm going, AC is going, some of the other children are coming as well, it's going to be good. Celebrations are good. I wish BG could have come to something of her father's Celebrations, she was asked if they wanted to go over for it and her mother said no. I can't imagine why. It can't be the journey - she made a 3.5year old go through it, after all! I will never understand why she was denied the right to say a proper goodbye to her father. But then she was denied a proper life with her father, so why should I be surprised? This is not about Rich though, it's about Neil. BG didn't know Neil. AC knew him, loved him, and is wounded by his death. He starts his bereavement counselling on Monday properly, which is good. He has his promotion on Saturday for his grading belt. He has more fireworks with Charlie and all the gang on Saturday. He has a good life, but one which he holds together through sheer hard work. He's working hard at school, but becoming distant at times, which is what I was finding after I told him about Neil. I'm confident we can help him though this - no child should be left to work through major trauma on their own. It can cause irreparable damage to them as adults, and often produces a cyclical effect.

I had a phonecall from AB last night, which was lovely. It was after I'd gone to bed, but it was good.


we had a visit from *nameless* last night. Joe and he got on very well. He didn't stay last night, because of the fireworks, but he's coming on Monday for the week. He has the cheek of Old Nick though, he really does - even taking sausage out from under Joes chin! He's a real explorer, and could be really good company for Joe, but if it doesn't work out then he goes back to Georges mum.

All in all, a good day.

Today's thankful letter is F.

I'm grateful for FIREWORKS! The colours, the sounds, the smells, the way my son smiles when he sees them (He cried a little bit - Rich was in Afghan last year for Fireworks, and so he'd said to AC he'd take him this year. But that's ok) I love the patterns, the bonfire, the whole thing.


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