Monday, November 16, 2009

sums it all up....

I had an email sent apparently by accident by the She-Ex this morning.

It's from April 2008.  It's from her mother.  And it just sums up everything.

Sara, Is there any reason that you can'not say a good thing to or about She-Ex.  The comment you made that all of BG's goodness was just from Richard is completly uncalled for. 
She-Ex is a good Mother and works hard teaching BG how to be a good person each and every day.
I am not saying that Richard isn't a good person. It is just that I think that it is time that both of you give her a little credit for the things tthat she does on a day to day basis.  I see  e- mails that you send and listen to phone conversations that come this way and I for one am tired of it.
It reflects on BG morre than you realize.  I think that the glory that you two have needs to stop and give She-Ex credit for what she does.    She-Ex's Mother.

The thing was, that I hadn't said all of BG's goodness was just from Rachel,  I'd said she had his kind and generous heart.  She does.  He was a loving and generous man, and the thing that she did was a lovely thing to do.

But this came from the She-Ex's mother, it was based on a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts, it denies that we think about BG's feelings, and it insists that we glorify ourselves.  Now I understand why the She-Ex's mother would do this.  Her daughter continually presents to her that we abuse her, and so she has had enough.  I used to wonder if she'd seen the emails about how nasty her mother was that She-Ex had sent us, but I knew she wouldn't have done. (Besides which, if she'd have seen so many of my emails, she'd have known how to spell my name.  I *always* sign emails that are detailed.  I think it's rude not to.)  But this email just sums up everything that went on.  The reply she got was long, detailed, and ignored by them.  That's ok.  That's part of what is summed up. 

So I told her I'd recieved it, and that it summed every thing up really, because it does, for me.  Immediately she was defensive 

i was c leaning out my drafts that was still in there...


and it sums up what?


I said

Oh, it's ok.

Hope Rachel is fine and happy and school is going well.


There's no point in trying to explain anything to her at the moment, and that's ok.  She's in an odd mood, and I don't want to antagonise her, for BG's sake.  She doesn't reply to emails properly anyway, so there's little point in wasting time on a long reply.  She still hasn't said when to call BG or what she's been up to or anything.  I-t-B has said she needs a Death Certificate, so I expect she's been moaning to him that I wouldn't send her one or something. 

That was funny as well.  As in funny and made me laugh, funny.  She demanded a Death Cert, and I said when I had one I'd send one, we'd send one after the inquest and suddenly that was me being difficult! Oh well.  I thought eventually she'd understood that I couldn't send her one until after the inquest, but it looks like it took I-t-B to explain it to her.

See, now I sound grumpy and bitchy.  That's not good.

And I'm 3 days late on.

That's just weird.  Or stress or something.  This doesn't feel like PMT - not that I get it when I'm not on anything anyway. Yes, I delayed going back on the Pill - I don't need little white pills to keep me going! I am strong enough to manage without!  Although if it's going to mess around like this I might go back on it for ease of knowing what's happening next!


For sure.

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