Sunday, December 20, 2009

He's everywhere.

The last few days, Rich has been everywhere.

All over the house, I can feel him, just out of reach.  Watching, loving, caring, caressing.  Yes, caressing. I can't explain it really.

(Of course, the other option is that I'm losing my marbles, but somehow I doubt it.)

Tonight he was at church with me, like he often was for big services.  Just there, with the AC.  The door opened afterwards, and I expected it to be him, come to pick us up, as he so often did in bad weather.  He loves us, and that's what he did. (Glory - no level 2C English for that sentence!)

Last night I asked him if his coffee was ok - and was startled to find it was Charlie who was here, who had been drinking it, because just for that few seconds, it was Rich sat on my sofa whilst I was in the kitchen.

I think I know what all this is about though.

I just don't know if it's either of us, or just one of us, that isn't ready to let go just yet.  It doesn't have to be tomorrow, although that is the *right* day, so to speak, but it could be any day.

I love you Rich, and I know you love me. 

Bedtime now.

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