Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've finally written up Monday for BG on her blog.  I'm going to do another post, with more details and a proper verdict in it, for when she's older.  She doesn't need to know about it all just yet.  Neither her mother, nor Ian, who both love him so much apparently, have actually asked about Monday, which just shows how much they really do care.  Leopards and spots and so on.

And now I'm going to work.

The show must go on.

Dear BG,
On Monday I went to the meeting I was telling you about before.  It was a very difficult time for me, because it was all about Daddy dying.  They talked about how, and when, and where, and who they thought was to blame.  I’m going to write another post to you, that I will unlock when you are older, that has all the details in so that I don’t forget them.  Right now, you don’t need to know all the details.  I think on Monday *I* felt like I didn’t need to know all the things I heard, but as Daddy’s girlfriend, it was my duty to be there.  Uncle Ian didn’t go, but I did.  I was lucky because lots of people came to support me, and they were lovely. I’d have gone if I had to go on my own though, because sometimes, even though something is unpleasant, it’s just the right thing to do.
So who came?
There was Pete, and he and Carla brought the baby up to meet me.  They’ve asked me to be her Godmother, which is lovely, and I’m really looking forward to that.
There was Diz, who was Daddy’s boss in his bit of the armoury, and Mark, who is the boss of the whole armoury. Malc came, just to be supportive, and he stayed afterwards until about 10pm so that I wasn’t left on my own.  He played with AC and after AC had gone to bed he and I looked at Daddy’s bike kit together, which was something I hadn’t done yet.  I’ll put the details in the other post, but his kit was ok.  Daddy had really strong bike kit.
There were people from the court who were there to be supportive of me, and it all went quite well.  It took about 40 minutes, although we were there about an hour and a half altogether.  I had to meet with the Coroner first, and he asked about you and Mummy and where you were, and I said you were in America and Daddy hadn’t seen you for a long time, but that we sometimes had pictures.  He asked about AC as well, and how he was coping, and that kind of thing.  He asked about how Daddy took care of the bike, and how safe I felt when I rode with Daddy, and things like that.
Then we went in, and we listened to the witnesses, and they told what happened, and some of that made me nearly cry, but I didn’t because I am a RAF girl, and I am made of stronger stuff than that, just like you are.
Then the Coroner said what he thought had happened, based on all the evidence.  He said that the people in the cars weren’t at fault, and that there was nothing anyone could have done to avoid the accident once it had started.  He said Daddy was a safe rider, the bike was one of the most well maintained and looked after bikes that they had seen, and that it wasn’t Daddy’s fault.  He said that it was an accident.
So there we go.  It was just a really sad accident.  The Coroner “expressed his condolences to Sarah and the children” which means he was really sorry for us for Daddy dying, because we love him so much.
Then the RAF boys and I walked back to here and I cuddled the baby, and that was the end of it all.
There are still paperwork things to do, but they don’t need to worry you, that’s for me to sort out.
I love you BG, I will always love you.  You should have your Advent Calendar by now, so hopefully you know we still think about you a lot.

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