Thursday, December 31, 2009

Off to america-land!

We're giving into peer pressure, the boy and I , and are going to America-land for the New Year eve, to spend it with some lovely friends of ours who are at the local USAF base.  It will be a gentle evening of eating junk food, watching bad sci-fi films and the Ac will play x-box games with their teenage son, who is a darling, darling boy.

It will be fun, and it will be something we have never done.

Usually, in fact every one of the 4 New Years that Rich and I had together, we would have invites to go out to at least 3 places, and we would stay home, together, eat jaffa cakes, drink a couple of pints, then drink tea, and then watch Jools Holland, curled up on the sofa together.  It's not because we didn't like other people - there's lots of people that we like - it's because we liked being together.

So today, tonight, we won't be together, although I expect he'll be around, but I'll be safe with friends, with my son, emotionally and physically secure with people that we love and that love us.  The joy is that the AC and I could be in any one of 11 different places tonight, and be physically and emotionally safe and secure with people that we love.

We are lucky, and we are loved.

(And to keep with that theme, I have not opened the email from the She-Ex.  She's not bursting this bubble like she always wants to.)


Chef Penny said...

Yeah!!! Have fun and what an awesome mom you are to want to make new and happy memories for the AC. Happy New Year!


trash said...

May this coming year bring you peace.