Monday, April 13, 2009

4 feelings in one day

Today has been a lovely day, and a tiring day, and a worrying day and an irritating day.

Lovely - AC was here, R was here, they played together, we all played together, AC played on his own, we snuggled, they played some more, and so on.

Tiring - AC was fine in the day, and is now back with the cough and the cold and the high temperature. Currently snoring on the sofa.

Worrying - got the BG's report card, AC got really hot again, R has gone off to the place again, (9 more working days!)

Irritating - got the BG's report card lol, R's laptop appears to have given up the ghost, no phonecall, R had to go back, I've had some tummy trouble etc.

Over all though, it was a good day. The goods were lovely, from watching them playing together to seeing the AC finally eat something. Not much, I grant you, but something.

And now I'm sitting here, it feels like a Sunday, which is isn't, it's just been a Bank Holiday Monday, I need to have something to eat, I need to hear from the man, and I'm waiting for the season finale of ANTM.

I have to carry the child up to bed. I know his awake weight is about 3.5 stone, but his asleep weight is about 3.5 tonnes.

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