Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures I didn't send BG

These are some of the pictures I *didn't* send the BG, because ....... I don't know why. I just didn't. Mainly I suppose I don't want to hurt her by sending pictures that show what a loving and caring Daddy she has, and how he loves and cares for someone else. Anyone can be a fun person for her to be around, if you see what I mean, but only her Daddy can love her like he can.


These are on here because I'm proud of the two of them, because we had a really good time, and because I want to celebrate our recovery from life and all the hassles recently.

And now it's bed time after a lovely evening catching up with Mr A A-M.


night night all.

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H F W said...

It makes my heart so sad to know that you guys haven't been able to see BG in so long. But it also makes my heart really joyful to see the love between your boys.

*Also, haha!! I wish I could send you J's turkey vest on loan since turkey season is over, but I'm afraid he would realize it's gone and be terribly distraught.