Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm confused!

Seriously confused.

I suppose that's just life really.

My Grieving Anti-Widow status is getting tricky this week, buckets of tears, no cow noises. It's almost like last week I could cope because last week had a name. This week doesn't. It's just another week without Rich.

They are all going to be weeks without him.

Again and again and again.

The AC had a tantrum at school, and tantrum is the only word I can use, because he was tired, frustrated, hurting and wanted something he couldn't have, namely Rich back. I wish I could. I am so glad it was not something that I decided that separated them, because I could not live with the guilt of seeing his face like that and knowing I could fix it. But I can't fix this.

I want to, but I can't.


It will all be better in the morning.............