Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ok so.....

.... it's a new day.

I've had 3 hours sleep, not all joined together, and that's ok.

I am going into school with a new attitude, and that's ok.

I've woken up to a reasonably polite email from the She-Ex, with an apology "for all the hostility" which is ok.  The rest of it was.... well.... because of my professional opinion I know stuff she doesn't, and that means that I don't agree with what she's doing, but then that's the way it is.  I know what Rich would say and he wouldn't agree with the quick fix solution either, but then if I was a parent in that situation, instead of a professional who looks long term, maybe I'd go for that.  However, after busting myself to get everything done, she now doesn't want me to send the AC until after the 14th.  It goes when it goes now though.  It's not my problem anymore.  She's also sent me a link to her blog, but I don't know if I want to look at it yet.  The one I didn't want to read, well, it's still not read.  One day I'll look, but not today, not if she's decided to be nice (because she wants me to do things when *she* says..... see.  It's a cynical day as well lol!)  I'll reply later though.

I'm enjoying a new website, and finding it very helpful - rootines cracks me up and gets me going!

Oh, and I've decided not to join the French foreign legion, but to drink more tea.  This was mainly helped by a long conversation with AB yesterday afternoon, who lovingly sat and listened to me cry about Rich, and a long conversation with the lovely Annilee in the night time, who lovingly sat and listened to me cry about Rich, then chatted about her life which is so normal for us, and it was lovely just to have that conversation with h  She's so great.

Ok, so, I think that's it.......

Man, I am tired! lol!

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