Friday, January 29, 2010

Sssssh! *bleugh*

It's been a few days.

Since my birthday, in fact. It went really well, the biscuits, cakes and so on that I took in to school were consumed with much enjoyment and recipe requests. There was much sadness that I was going to be sat here on my own in the evening, from other people, and actually, I was fine.

Until I started being a frequent visitor to the Smallest Room. Then REALLY frequent. Then just took a book and waited.

Then the vomiting started. That was special.

It was all over with by midnight, but obviously I phoned into school as I'm not stupid enough to go in passing bugs around.

However, someone clearly had been because the next day there were 60+ children reported in sick, and more sent home during the day. Today there were 117 sick, + more sent home during the day.

The AC started at 4.30, stopped at 11, as set to go to Daddy's at 3, Daddy was late, AC was sick at 3.10, so he and I (mainly him, as he is a responsible 6 year old) decided he would stay here. Before we had chance to tell Daddy that though, he was very clearly not having him. That's ok.

AC wished Rich was here, because Rich would have cared, and that's all he had to say on it.

We've spent the day dozing, chilling out together, and relaxing, and the AC has told me things about him and Rich I didn't know, like just what they got up to on the Friday before Rich died, (oooh! those naughty boys!) and how they were going to make the summer special and things like that.


On that note, I had an email from the She-Ex the other day, as apparently the BG had asked about the AC. I answered it, after a couple of days of thinking, and was very open and honest with her - she can't take away anything else after all. I haven't heard back, which is ok, and just the way it is.

RIght. The question of the day is, do I wake the AC up or not. He's been asleep for 3 hours, which is obviously what he needs, but he's also supposed to be going to bed in an hour.... ho hum....

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