Thursday, January 14, 2010


57 pens.
2 rulers
3 mugs
a blanket
7 bags
4 squishy things
lots of catalogues
Champion School status


BETT was ok this year.

I missed Rich though, missed him so much.  We sat down to talk to Education City people, and it was just like last year.  Just like it.  We saw the Dell Robot, we saw the floor mats, we saw stuff that Rich and I had talked about and laughed about last year.

We saw WoW in 3d.  COOL!

I can't imagine not missing him.  I can't imagine, being glad, as the She-Ex is, that he is gone.  She was glad that he went to the desert with work, and she is gladder still he he is dead.  Even though her daughter has no Daddy now, she is glad.  How does that work?  I don't know.

AC had a bad morning before we went, just wanting things to be the same as last year.  We make little traditions, the boy and I and Rich, and a few of those are BETT related.  But he is opening up in his counselling time now.  He has talked about what happened, and how he feels about it, and how he feels I feel about it, and he's doing ok.  He needs this time to get through this trauma, or else it will affect him for the rest of his life.  Poor, poor boy.

But I should be getting on.  Just tired and a bit introspective.  AB and I had a long chat last night on messengervideo, which was nice, and he laughed at my pen collecting!

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Kjirsten said...

Dang....and I thought I had 72 hour days. You get the trophy....and the tiara and the cape!!! All Hail Princess Power Nap. I am seriously impressed!!
cheers Kjirsten