Friday, February 5, 2010

Less watching, more doing.

I am forever struggling to get things done.

I never used to be.  (OK, well, I did, but no where near as badly)

Now I know why.

Tonight I was babysitting for Rob and Clare.  I worked all evening on my planning, both last weeks *ahem* and this weeks, *yay* .  I also found time to clean their kitchen and wash up for them.

They don't have a tv.  They do have internet, which I used only on school sites because I didn't want to use up their download stuff, but I got done in about 2 hours of working, with 3x 15 mins in the kitchen in there as well.

I've had tv on a lot since Rich died.  I'm like one of those old ladies who "has it for the company" and it is nice I suppose sometimes.  Often though, I get to the end of an evening, and suddenly realise that I've done nothing all evening, because I've had the tv on.

Food for thought, methinks.

In other news...... I posted my application.  Oh yeah!

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