Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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I blogged to the BG this morning, because I had the pictures from Charlie very late last night.  I had a million and one other things to do, but she's important, so I blogged to her.

This was what I put. (Obviously with all the right names in lol!)

Dear BG,
I thought you might like to see the pictures that Charlie took from last weekend. They came through on my email late last night but I was already in bed, so I’m putting them up as soon as I can!

They are pictures from RAFWA, the Royal Air Force Wargaming Association. Daddy used to go to the RAFWA competition every year in March, and to the AGM in October. Every year in the competition, he came second.  In England we’d say “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

Here he is from last year.  He was very tired from lots of gaming, but still smiled for you because he loved you so, so much.

I had to tell RAFWA in October about the accident and what had happened to Daddy.  I wrote them a long letter, which Charlie read out for me at the meeting, and they held a minutes silence as a mark of respect for how much they all liked your Daddy and thought that he mattered.

Then the committee  got talking, and they knew that they almost needed a new referee’s trophy, and they wanted to do something to show how much they respected your Daddy and how important he was to them, and so they bought a new trophy.

It’s the BIG one at the back!  The middle says “The Rich Hannis Trophy for refereeing excellence.” and then underneath it says “Always the bridesmaid” and that’s because it was something Daddy used to say, that the others all knew!  He used to get one of the little ones at the front each year, and I’ve saved you one of those in the box of Daddy’s things that I have here for you.

The person who won this year was called Dave (who has beaten Daddy the last 3 years!) and he was really pleased to be the first person to get his name on the trophy.

Everyone there was asking about how we all were, and Charlie said we were all doing ok.  They were disappointed that I couldn’t go, but they understood.  Charlie had a couple of sad moments where he had to tell a person who had been away in Afghanistan when Daddy died about Daddy, and I’ve had a lovely email from them to say that they were so sorry and shocked to hear about it, and they hope we are all getting lots of support.

This month was also World Book Day, and AC wanted to wear Daddy’s things – well, he couldn’t wear the trousers and shirt because they were far too big, so he wore his own greens, and Daddy’s helmet and webbing.

He did hiding the the hedge to see if the camouflage worked.  What do you think?

There he is!

It was lovely to see him smiling.

He’s had a haircut since then though, and I think he’s about due another one!

Well, I had better get sorted for school.  I wanted you to have this as soon as I could though, so that you knew just how much people liked and respected your Daddy, and thought he was a good man, even months later.  People have been very kind to AC and I, and mostly, it’s because your Daddy was a kind and loving man who helped other people, and now they want to help us.  My mother says “You get what you give” and because he gave everyone kindness and niceness, they are happy to have a chance to give it back.  If a person gives nastiness, then they get that back instead, but your Daddy wasn’t like that, he was wonderful.
AC says hello, and how are you?  He’s doing testing this week at school for the end of his Infant stage, and next year he’ll be a junior! I am so proud of him.  He goes to a special group with someone a bit like your school counsellor for children who have had a parent who died, and that is really helping him.
And now I really must go or I’ll be late!

Take care darling girl, remember we love you lots and think about you every day.  If you ever need me, just call or email me, and I’ll do what I can for you.

*HUGs and Cuddles*

I haven't opened her mothers reply, (I emailed her the link and I'm not expecting her to read it any time soon, if ever, but I have them all downloaded and one day I can show her that we tried really, really hard.) but I can read the first line that said something about "Then you can read the emails" or something like that. 

I will.  Just..... not right now.

Right now it's bed time, I need to remake my bed after this morning, and I can't bend.


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