Saturday, March 27, 2010

Loving people.

I love you people.

I throw my heart out to explain why I am being the way I'm being, here, and I get 3 gorgeous comments.

Sarah, I feel for her too.  I have come to the realisation that when she is older, when she can make her own communications, then I can tell her what her Daddy was really like, and how great a man he was.

Caroline, I love you. You are such a support to the AC and I.  Thankyou.

Lynda, thankyou for your comment.  I have looked and looked at what you have said and I have realised that I am not acting out of love, I am acting out of fear.  What have I got to be afraid of from the She-Ex any more?  She cannot stop me seeing the BG any more than she already has done.  She cannot stop Rich from loving me, and she couldn't stop him from being a wonderful stepfather, lover, and partner, even though she tried.  The accident stopped him being a father, but I will always cherish the look on his face when I told him I was expecting, that we were having a baby.  Yes, her behaviours delayed us doing that, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles.  It was our fear of her stopping any chance of Rich seeing the BG that delayed it.

And when the cookie crumbles, like it has, it is who helps clean up the mess, as opposed to who tries to grind it into the carpet, that shows who is a decent human being, and a good friend, and who just isn't.

I am loving you people.


Chef Penny said...

It's always nice to get encouragement. Yes, you must act in love even for your enemies. I know how you feel though. I have a sister in law that likes to push my buttons too. Take deep breaths and pray before doing anything.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hope all is well. :) xoxo


sarah said...