Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mothering Sunday

It is easy for today to get into a "This time last year."  Rich always made a fuss of me on Mothering Sunday.  There were always flowers, he and the AC always had a scheme about something.  He always got me something little, just as a way of thanking me for being a good mother to the AC and the best stepmother I could be from such a distance to the BG.

Last year we were expecting the divorce documents that had apparently been Fed-Ex'd two weeks before, we were loosely planning our own celebrations, and life was going to be amazing.  We had come to terms with the miscarriage, and were talking about trying again, and how many times we would try before we sought help, and whether having children of our own mattered that much.  It did.

This year, the AC has brought me a wooden helicopter to put together, so that I have one like Rich's.  He has made me a card at school.  He and his Daddy have made me a card.  He is now sat on the sofa, having made sure he gave me all the kisses in that card.

He is a beautiful child, and I love him so much.

To all Mummies out there?  Have a lovely day, cherish your children and smile!

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