Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh the loveliness!

The other day I was here, and it linked through to here.  And here is where I indulged myself in someone else's sale, and yesterday evening after a complex day at work, I opened a neat little brown envelope to find this.

There was a loveliness to the packing with the gorgeous nummyness of the pink stripe tissue paper.  Who even knew you could get pink stripe tissue paper?

Inside the pink stripe tissue were these little packets...
All neat and individually wrapped and lovely. (and yes, I ripped the tissue a little to get to the pink bits.)

When I had ripped apart carefully unwrapped the pink tissue, these were what I found!  3 were ordered, one was a gift as a celebration of a milestone for Lovely Lupin.  They are so neatly done, warmly in felt, and I know a couple of children who I will have to be aware of at school because these are infinitely touchable.

They are going on my scarf! (Now finished - pictures tomorrow or later today!)

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BugsandFishes said...

I'm glad you liked the parcel, Sarah! Thanks so much for the mention :)