Monday, March 8, 2010

Step 1 completed.

Yesterday we completed the first step of Ellie's restoration.  We cleared the lean to shed so that she can be pulled out onto the front, and then the black rangy will go in, and will be stripped to parts which will then be sold.  To do that I also have to empty Rich's shed, which I have left completely, but that's ok.  Most of the things in there are baby clothes and so on that can go to the charity shop if they are any good, or for rags if they aren't.  We'd saved them because we were going to have our together babies, but it's ok.

Andy came over yesterday as well, and it was good.  The children played, we cleared the shed, it was painfully normal, how our life should have been. But productive.

I cried at church because the organist was grumpy about not having the hymns and everyone else having them and was sarcastic about it.  David at church was very kind and not happy with her and so on.  I apologised to her as well, but yeah.  We'll see what happens.

The world and his wife seem to think I need to see the doctor about the tears and the exhaustion.  Thankfully no one seems to think I need anti-depressants, but that I might be anaemic or something like that. So I'm back on the vitamins and so forth.

The AC has had email from the BG.  The cynical side of me knows what I think, but maybe this time it is just about the children, as it should have been all along.  I am hopeful.  We've had our first picture of the BG in just over 9 months, (we hadn't had any for over 6 weeks when Rich died, because her mother was cross about something) which is lovely, and she looks happy.

I entered my first Mummy Blogger carnival! YAY!  I used the World Book Day 10 post.

What else?

Not much.

Life is ticking on.  This is March.

 April, May, June and July, and the Year and a Day Celebrations.  Slowly the plans are coming together.

But today is long parents evening, and I will not be home from school until very late (about 9pm) so yeah.  See you later peoples!

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