Thursday, March 25, 2010

*yawn* ICT *sleep now*

Oh my WORD!

Yesterday was amazingly fabulous, and when I get my notes typed up I'll put them onto here.  There are a number of websites that you home-ed bunch would love, and I'm hoping you can get them from the US.  Like 30 of them.

It was a brilliant day.  Lunch was gorgeous but there was hardly any of it by the time we got out of the seminar because ours overran, but that was ok.  Spending the day with Sue was lovely and gave us a chance to really chat.

I have nothing planned for today as I have no idea what my children did yesterday - I doubt it was that which they should have done lol!

After school we are going to buy birthday presents and then have some tea and then come home and snuggle.  It's what he said lol!

But yesterday. Wow.

Last night I slept from 8-10 on the sofa, and then 11-2, 2-4, 4-6 in bed.  (AC came in at 2.) The doc said it was to be expected, an that this is normal for my stage of grief, in that the body can maintain itself for emergencies (i.e. doing my job!) but not for non-emergencies (i.e. watching tv, knitting, doing marking!)  Just got to let it ride...


sarah said...

I'm glad it went so well! :-)

Chef Penny said...

Yea!!!! I can't wait!!! Good job on making you first!!!