Thursday, May 20, 2010

What did I do yesterday?

Aside from work 8-3.15, run training for others from 3.30-5.30 get home, sort out the new hutch for the pig by moving it from the front of the house to the back of the house, by going *through* the house, filling the hutch with sawdust and straw (and then guinea pig), empty the old hutch and take it out of the house to the back ready for cleaning and eBaying, hoover through, change the curtains from the green velvet to the cream linen, hoover through the front room again, put bread in the bread maker, change the washing over to drying, put more things in the washer,  and by then it was 7pm and time to sit down, snuggle with the boy and phone J so that the AC could say his good nights, (tho J was coming over later, AC would be in bed) and I had a cup of tea.

Then a quick bath, Tesco delivered some shopping, I put the shopping away, sorted out tea for J and I, wrote his Testimonial, and went to bed.

Busy busy lol!

Some days are just like that.  The house looks great though.  J and I had some long conversations recently and we can both see where this is going, we both like that, and we're both not going to hang about.  I opened a bag of stuff that had come out of the Disco on Tuesday evening, and it was all Rich's stuff from going away on a course.  It smelled of him, it was one of the jumpers of his that he loved to see me in, it was his writing, his book, his clothes, it was his washbag, it was all him.  I cried in a way I haven't for a few weeks now, and J just held me in his arms on the floor, loving me, and comforting me, and telling me how much he missed Rich as well, and how we better get this stuff away before the AC got home and saw it and was upset as well. It's things like that that tell me J is the right man for us.  He says it's shortbread that tells him I'm the right girl for him.... (amongst other things, I hasten to add!)

Both of us feel like we have the right to be happy again, and that it isn't going to come to us, we have to go find it.  We went into this as friends, and then it got deeper - we weren't looking for *this*, but if we hadn't even bothered as friends because we were so swamped in our own past miseries, then *this* would never have happened.

Oh, and I got my 1-1 money.  I cleared £621! So we're putting the Passat back on the road ASAP and then that'll make it cheaper for J to be here and to start moving his stuff here.  Like I said, we know what we want and how we want to be.  There's no point in playing at this.  Either we want to be together or we don't.  We do! 

Anyway, today's to-do list is growing already.

Laters people.

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Chef Penny said...

I got tired reading that! lol And so happy for you!