Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cross country today

Not as in travelling though.  With any luck that will be the weekend although it's looking less and less likely now.  I still haven't heard about my course, although my application went to panel yesterday.  I think I might have to pull it for this year and apply again next year.  That might mean having to be self funded, and I'd have to consider how much that would mean for the family.

It's a tough one.

No, the cross country I mean is the running one! Yay!  the AC is looking forward to it, lots of my children are looking forward to it, some aren't, but they'll get over it.  Then this afternoon is KS2 harvest, where I am playing for the 5/6's to do their play.

It's all good.

As for the weekend?  It went well in the end.  The party was good, the emotions were manageable as I now know more about what I need to do - i.e. have a damn good cry, get it out of my system and move on with it.  If I try and deny the emotion it just builds up further.

T-boy was better behaved this weekend, and the boys generally got on much better.

We had a friend round for tea last night, and that was lovely as well!  I did a roast chicken dinner which takes no effort at all really, and tonight is pork chops and cauliflower cheese.  I have gone so far as to plan a proper menu this week as well.  The shopping is all done for it, and I am determined that I can get ahead with this.


Phonics planning.

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