Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fabulous night, grotty morning.

Yesterday and last night were brilliant.  We shopped, J bought me a dress for the evening.

I do not look like this.  This is not me.  However, Julien Macdonald, who is a notoriously stingy-with-material-designer designed this utterly fitted dress.  Utterly fitted.  And I have to say that I saw myself in the ladies loos at this fabulous hotel (and they had fabulous loos!) where we were having a gorgeous meal with great people from J's work, and I thought, "You're 35, nearly 36, and you are looking ok."  Then I went into the big room again, and J put his arm around me, told me he'd missed me, and that I looked stunning.  I believed him!  Usually I think "Oh they're just saying that." but yeah, I was there for that!

Anyway, I have to do the notices and I feel like the European snot fountain.  Cartainly not as attractive as I felt last night!  Laters people.

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