Friday, December 10, 2010


I found this in my comments box today.

I don't know why you aren't getting my messages.please, can we have the death certificate? Please?

It had her address on it as well, but I'm not putting that up here, because I'm not that unkind, and I *am* fully aware of cybersecurity.

So then I had a look in my inbox.  And then in the spam box.  And then in the Lori file.

I found these.


I have to ask this again

please can i have richards death certificate?

you promised it over a year ago.

and I need it

my address is 

Lori Hannis

(address removed)
Thank you




Yet again. because some how I don't think you got the last email. I'll send it from this one

I really need Richards death certificate, it would be really nice of you to send it, please.

Our address, again.

(address removed)

Thank you


I'm sure we can all see the interest in how the AC and I are, the information about how BG is, and all that kind of thing.  No?  No.  Me neither.

And actually, this is what she said about the Death Certificate

btw, don't worry about the death certificate...
Ian is getting me one, hold on to the precious thing, for what ever reason you are with holding it"

So suddenly, I have to jump because she says?  She's been like this for 5 years, and I've had enough.  I have no idea why she wants it, and to be honest, I'm not interested.  My only interest is the BG, and as the last time I heard from Lori it was to be told that AC and I were nothing to her

in fact "You and Sam, no longer have any reason to be in contact with her.

Step families, don't count.

ANd that's all you ever were to her.

She will be told you and Richard were planning on taking her away from me.

That you two were planning on filing her head full of tons of lies about me.

She will be told all of that.

So while you are having fun planning and living your life.

Remember that.

all you two ever did was hurt her."

And now I have to do what she says?  Whilst *I* am still sorting out DVLA, and Barclaycard, and debts from when she and he were together (the milkman one still makes me laugh - how the heck does *anyone* get in debt to the milkman!) and she is swanning around as the poor defenceless widow?  She gets the dependants allowance - the AC gets nothing.  That's fine by me - I don't need charity to take care of the child I *chose* to have.  But I'm sorry, if she thinks I will leap to her bidding just because she wants something, she can whistle.

I might send it.  When I'm good and ready.

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