Sunday, December 12, 2010


So on Friday afternoon I had a FB message to say an Internet friend of mine, who I've met a couple of times but known on the net for 12 years, was dying.

On Friday night, late, her life support was switched off.  She has 2 daughters in their older teens.

I know I've moaned on about being ill, and had a massive moan about the She-Ex being rude, and I'll be honest, the burning chest part of me is really painful at the moment and making me decidedly short tempered, but it's nothing to what these girls are going through.  Nothing.  She's been ill for a long time, whereas we didn't have to watch Rich die slowly, there was no life support - not that I would have been allowed to turn it off for him anyway.  I'm not his next of kin.  The She-Ex would have had that right, and she would have left him alive for as long as possible, just to see us suffer as some kind of revenge.  She wouldn't have come over and seen him - she didn't even let his daughter come to his Celebrations.  But she would have known he was suffering and enjoyed it.  I know his injuries, where she didn't, and still doesn't, and I'd have pulled the plug in a heartbeat.  At least, I hope I would have been strong enough.

But these girls had to make that choice.  Poor loves.  Please pray for them as they start the rest of their lives, effectively orphaned.  And phone your mothers, to tell them you love them.

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