Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

Ok, so this is me!  (and Cassi in the background)  be nice.  I'm ill today.

Fifteen Facts.

1) I'm 36.
2) I'm 5ft 3.
3) I have one son by birth, a stepdaughter who I will never forget and who I *will* find and tell her I never stopped loving her, (and give her the stuff I have kept for her of her fathers) and a step-son who is hard work, but so worth it.
4) I love to bake.
5) I love to read.
6) I love to knit.
7) I love to sew.
8) I have an iPad which has books about all these things on it, and auto scroller so I can knit and read at the same time!
9) I have divorced someone once, been divorced once, been bereaved in an accident, and am trusting in love once more.
10) I love scripture quotes, and live on Phil 4 :13. The Bible tells you all you need to know about how to live.
11) We have 4 snakes, 2 cats, and a tank of Malawi's.
12) I'm a teacher.
13) I love a lot, trust easily, hate no-one, and work hard on forgiveness.
14) I like cooking programmes and I'm watching cupcake wars whilst I'm doing this.
15) I consider myself to be very lucky with how much my family love me and how supportive my friends are.  Once day I hope to be able to support them in the same way, but I'd rather not, if you see what I mean!

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