Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess who's coming to dinnnnnnneeeeerrrrrrr?

Go on.



For those of you not of an English persuasion, that's the schools inspection team.  They''re coming on Monday for 2 days.  This is not good news.

However, I can't say more about that now, so I shall just say that apparently the He-Ex (although he can't pay proper maintainance or for half of the AC's shoes properly) has just spent the weekend away, not even bothering to try and contact his son over it, as he insists on doing every weekend, which is fine (the contacting, not the not-contacting)

However, I have to say that the AC didn't ask about his father.  Or ask to call him.  I suggested it, but he said that he (AC) was busy.

Ho hum.


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