Monday, January 3, 2011

Yesterday was all about.......

..... the essay.

And it is DONE! *cue balloons, fanfares, party poppers, ticker tape, etc*

New Years Day was all about the Baja's.

Radio controlled cars.

They run on petrol.  AC is a great petrol carrier.

And trees.  He sat in trees a lot.  He likes trees.  And I love this picture.

I love him.

Today we're going back to L to take T-boy back to his mother after his weekend here.  Then we're stripping the whole of the dining room out so that we can have carpet put down in here tomorrow.  Carpet in two rooms!  Whoooooop! lol!  It means moving Cassie though, and that's a big job.  She's a bit close to shedding at the moment and is a tad on the grumpy side.  Monty has finally completed his shed after covering everything inside his tank with skin, but he's tucked up in AC's room, and is a happy camper.

And now I have to shower and get on.

(The to-do list book is going really well.  I like it!)

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