Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

I used to have a bucket list.  I used to have things I wanted to do, like see the pyramids, or have a book published, or maintain a tidy house for more than a month before the washing volcano exploded all over it, or have more children, or drive a Scania 185 or...... well, you know.  Stuff.

But I suppose if I was going to take a picture of it, and post it up here, it would look like......

Is it such a big ask?

In other news, parents evening was ok, I had lots of parents compared to some, and I am wonderful according to the children.  Hurrah, and huzzah!  Tonight I have 4 parents to see.  Obviously the ones I really *need* to see are the parents who don't come to that kind of thing. Never mind.  I will get hold of them somehow.  But I got home to an empty house - the boys had gone flying - and so I had time to sit and think about things.  This turned out to be a bad thing, so I watched the new Masterchef instead.

I'm struggling with a couple of things at the moment.  Actually a couple of people, and their attitude and behaviour, and I know that every Christian bone in my body tells me to forgive them - but there is no sign of remorse from them, no change in their attitude, no acknowledgement of the hurt that they chose to cause, and so, like a small child, I don't see why I should.  If you are of a praying mind, would you ask for understanding for me?  Or that God manages to make me just shut up and listen to Him?  I don't like this about me, and I am working hard to change it, but my, I seem to be so very, very stubborn about it.....

Maybe that's what I should put on here.  A picture of them, and hope to forgive them before I die.

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