Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 22 - a picture of something you wish you were better at.

This is an image pilfered off the web, because mine all have my childrens names on at the moment.

I need to be better at the paperwork side of my job. I need to be better at paperwork altogether I think! Yesterday I did remember to send the DC off to DVLA, so hopefully that is done with now. I remembered to post stuff to J as well, so that's that done as well! But again, I did no planning for school. I taught 3 excellent lessons, and we played bench ball for the fourth, so I'm not seeing a problem, but if the boss asked me for me folder today as in right now, as in bring it to the office before lunchtime, then I'd be knackered.

I don't know why I don't do it. Maybe its just having so much on all the time, who knows. I'll keep praying, and trying to find the time. Well. Making the time.....

Take last night.....

Meeting until almost 6pm.
Home, bath child ( I don't bath him myself anymore, but I clean the bathroom whilst he's in there and we talk and so on - it's valuable time.)
Cook tea, eat tea.
Tidy round a bit.
Look at camper vans with J ready for a few weeks time when we can just *buy* one!
Rach came round for ANTM
made bread
Made biscuits
Began shopping list
Watched something snuggledup with J that ended up with both of us asleep.

Ok, I could have planned instead of snuggling, but I'm not losing valuable relationship time. And it was already 10pm!

I could plan instead of doing this in the morning. This takes 10-15 mins of my life, and it's cheaper and easier than counselling lol!

There has to be an answer. I'm reading Anne voskops book about 1000 gifts. I need to read it and reread it I think. So far, it makes an awful lot of sense. 2 weeks of enforced idleness might be very, very good for me.

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