Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 25. A picture of my day.

This was my morning yesterday.

It's a model aeroplane club swap meet. It was a lot of fun. Then we flew planes all afternoon, and that was fun.

Today I can tell I did a lot of walking and I'm glad today looks like it might be a bit more relaxed. It's the 7th today, so it's 18 days until they fix this, and I can't wait for that to be over and done with.

Tea. Toast. Togetherness. Love.

All these things are something I am thankful for. I'm reading 1000 gifts at the moment. (Reading if off and on, because I have so much to do lol, which is kind of the point of the book.....) and I will start my list soon, I know.

Not I think.

I know.

Laters lovely peoples.

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Chef Penny said...

I've been thinking if getting that book lately. What do you think about it so far?