Monday, May 30, 2011

Short points.

* Writing BG's blog is becoming easier.  I know she isn't reading it, although I know someone has been, on a very irregular basis.  I think I know who one of them is, and I don't mind.  I've written on it most days this week, and although she may not read it until she is about 50, the fact its that it is there.

* The skip is due any time today.  I will make one last email attempt with I-t-B, and then I have done all I can do.

* The world is a busy place this week, but I won't leave it until the summer holidays, because I need to enjoy those lol!

* breadmaker is on, washing machine is on, dishwasher is about to be done, and life is good.

*AC chose to come home last night, instead of staying with his Daddy an extra night.  His daddy is not impressed.  I've told the AC that when it comes to extra nights, he can choose.  He's 8 next Monday.  He needs some autonomy over the mess the grownups have made of his life.  I'll never stop him seeing his Daddy - lets face it, if I was going to do that then Rich and I would have moved to Benson!

* I have to get off my bum and do stuff!

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