Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From my ivory tower?

I'm watching Maury.

I'm waiting for BBC News to start and I don't like the morning programme that's on before it, so I'm watching Maury.  It's the usual mix of shmaltz and DNA testing.  Usually, there's a shouty chap saying he's not the father, and a shouty momma saying that he is.  The DNA goes about 50/50.

There's a girl on there, Georgetta, who is testing the 13th candidate for her daughters father.  13th.  That's a ten and a three, for anyone who thinks I've mistyped. She has had 12 shouty "I am not the father of that trailer trash ho's baby." type fathers.  However all the time, and for the last 5 years, there has been this chap at the weekends, and his nice girlfriend, who has looked after the child, bought her what she needs and so on.  They love the baby, well, the 5 year old, and they want to be a part of her life, even if they are proven not to be the father.

It's a refreshing change on this show.  Not that I watch it a lot mind you.  There's less shouting, less swearing, less name calling.  Just a couple of people wanting to know what is going on.

And it's a no.  The search goes on.

That means the next chap is number 15.  What kind of disturbed woman drops her drawers for 15 men in the space of (let's be generous) a month?  Assuming that 15 is the number and it's not chap number 20/25/30 that makes the grade.

I've always enjoyed sex.  I prefer love making, and there's nothing that beats a morning quickie, but in general, sex is good.  I've been with gentle, loving, caring men, who loved me, and whom I loved.  I've never done the one night stand, the who are you in the morning, the drunk with a stranger thing.  I've had several long term relationships, and that's where my sex has come from.  I could tell you who the fathers of all of my pregnancies have been, exactly.  The father of my boy is the worst of the bunch for a relationship, but he is a great father if you are a boy child.  These days.

But just because I've been a serial monogamist, doesn't mean that I've had boring sex for 15 years.  Just because someone has been with their husband for ever doesn't mean that they are having boring sex.  It means that they are having a serious relationship that they value themselves and their man in.  (Or their woman, I suppose.  I don't really roll that way, so I don't know!)  I don't believe in affairs, although I've been accused of several, and always by people who had, it turned out, been cheating in the relationship that they were having.

So is this Georgette just trailer trash?  I have no idea.  I don't know where she lives.  Or how.  I do know that she has 3 children with 3 different fathers, and 2 have no idea who their fathers are.  Is everyone who lives in a trailer trashy?  I don't know.  I don't know why someone would choose to live in a caravan, and I know that BG did for a couple of years until they got a proper house.  Is she a different person now that she lives in a house?  Nope.  She's still a child.  Her upbringing is determined by more factors than where she lives.

In an idea world, I would have been with Steve, Husband number 1, for all of our lives.  But for reasons not said here yet, we didn't.  I rebounded to AC's Dad.  He left me, and Rich and I got together and had the best times of our lives.  He died, but didn't leave me alone, just as he promised, and there is J.  All lovely men.  All with amazing characteristics.  3 of the 4 were fabulous in the bedroom department.  1 was less interesting, but that was ok (and it's not J!)

But 14+ in a month?  There's a word for that kind of girl.  And it's unfortunately not a nice one.

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Caroline said...

Yeah, you're right. There is a word. And three more. Low self-esteem. Sad, really.