Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm crying.

It's a tough week this week.

It was Armed Forces Flag-Raising yesterday, and it's Parade on Wednesday.  It's SATs week.  It's Sports Day. It was Fathers Day.  It's a million things.   It's everything.

So it's also 5.30, and I've emailed Nikki from Scotty's Little Soldiers, and I've cried whilst I emailed her, because it's lots of things for her as well.  Lee died the week before Rich, and it's coming up to anniversary for her and her children, just as it is for AC and BG and I.

I have to man up and get on with it.  No-one else is going to support my family except J and I, and I'll be blowed if I'll let the government do it whilst I'm a functioning human being!

So to cheer me up, I've got several episodes of Texas Cheerleaders to marvel at the skills of the cheerleaders, and the insane attitudes of the mothers "We have to hope that someone gets hurt so that my daughter can get her spot."  Woah!  How does THAT work!

Vicarious living?  I think so.......

See.  Laughing at mad Americans.  (Not the sane ones, they're ok, just the ones who are on reality tv!)  That's what a girl needs to make her smile.


See the smile.


Solid as a rock that smile....

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