Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BG's blog

I wrote on BG's blog last night.  I'd done her an e-card, for Independence Day, like I always have done, and on the 4th I sat and looked at it thinking "Do I send it?  If I do, will it spoil her day, rather than add to it? Will it spoil it because she will be reminded of her Daddy, or because her mother will go ballistic at the sending of it?"

So I didn't.

But I wrote on her blog, so that she knew I was thinking about her.  She isn't reading it, I know, but it's still there.

In other news, it is new intake parents evening tonight.  There are 4 new children coming to the school from the local infants, and I am having all of them, and therefore I am doing the parents evening.  It'll be lovely, because it always is, and because the new parents have chosen to come to here.  However, it'll be late, and so I'm doing sausage casserole.  Nummy!

I'm not feeling great at the moment though.  I've had a change of pill (unrequested, and courtesy of the NHS budget system!) and I'm feeling vaguely rubbish.  This is a bad thing as I have a student who is in to learn from me about teaching! Work to do now then.....


Just wanted to fling a hug out there to all you lovely peoples!


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