Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Day of Term

Today is the last day of term.

The weather is dry, sunny, and warm.

The view from the back window is the same as two years ago, the same as last year.

The world is a very different place.  The world then was warm and loving.  The world last year was painful and confusing but hopeful.  The world this year is hopeful and although it needs bread because I forgot to pick some up (and I may use wraps instead) it is now a place where I can look forward, and not backwards.

This summer I shall mostly be sewing.

No, really!

Everyone else can get knotted for a few days/weeks/monthandahalf because, dammit, look at this.......

2011 - is now, and I am going to sew.
2010 - spent the summer cleaning J's house.  Long days, stepchild who disliked me, and so on.
2009 - no idea how I spent the summer, unless I read this, which makes me cry.  Not a good summer!
2008 - my sister got married - weirdly absorbing a lot of summer lol!
2007 - decorating here, renovating kitchen, and so on.
2006 - moving in here, cleaning old place, cleaning here, basic decorating,
2005 - Summer of AC's dad leaving.
2004 - Summer of moving to Marham from Benson
2003 - Summer of  newborn baby!

So yes, indeed, I will be sewing! (and baking, and doing laundry and so on!)

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