Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.......

And to be frank, I'm not bothered.


I have the mother, father, grandparents and whole extended family of headaches.  I have an exhusband who is at best a fantastist, and at worst a liar.  I have a weekend of massive amounts of work ahead of me.  However, I have had an exhausting week, so the chances of me doing it all are quite slim.

And again with the "Ha!"

Because I also have a lovely home.  A new sofa on the way in a matter of weeks.  (Like new.  NEW! No ones bum has ever been on it, that kind of new!) I have a son who has just asked if next week, we can have mummy cassarole and not jar cassarole because mine is better.  I have new bread with homemade jam (not by me, but by a parent at school.)  I have a man who says that when he thinks about me his stomach flips because he loves me so much.  I have people at school who cannot believe I am being sent on the Improving Teacher Programme because I am one of the best teachers they know. (And they said it to other people, not to me!)  I have a box of chocolates from a parent in thanks for listening to her and helping her earlier in the week when she had a real wobble.

I am loved, appreciated, cared about, and respected as a professional.

Yeah.  HA! 

It has taken so much work to get this far, so much determination and care and thought and prayers and just not giving in to the world when it wants to take me down.  It is built on the love that Rich and I had for each other and for the AC, the respect he and I had as a couple and as individuals, personally and professionally.  It is maintained by the amazing way that J and I love each other and our family.

Ha Friday 13th!  You can get knotted!

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