Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Head owwwwwww!

I have another one of those massive one-sided headaches.  It's like having a headache in my eyeball.  It's probably a result of rising stress levels, except I don't have any.  Ok, well, not many.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Sandwich making.
My headache.
Where the AC's trainers are.
The ITP course.
The MEd course.

It's going now, slowly.  I've had some Lemsip tablets and they are clearing it, which means that, well, I know what it is.

I've overdosed on chocolate.
It used to happen a lot, and then I learned to manage it and work out how much I could have before it went over whatever level it is that massacres one side of my brain and clogs up all my sinus pathways. (Yes, TMI, I know!)  This is on another level of pain though, but I'll manage it, because there isn't another choice lol!

I'm on session 2 of my course today.  I need to go through the course materials before this morning starts (with croissants and orange juice!) and make sure last weeks stuff is up to date, plan what I was going to say about my targets for last week (yes, I met them, yes, I'm sure they made a difference!) and look over what we'll be on this week, pack my school bag ready to go, and if the headache calms down, I'll have some breakfast.  If the headache doesn't, then I'll wait until I get to my course.

I know that not so many people read this blog, and that's fine - I don't blog for an audience, although I do acknowledge you, Dear Reader, sometimes - but I still would rather not offend anyone with yesterdays post.  I was just angry with the effect of what I saw yesterday as the selfishness of the parent disregarding the needs and emotions of the child.  Most of me still sees it that way, to be honest.

I've never been in those shoes, but I can't imagine anything that comes before the needs of my child. 


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