Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Improving Teacher Programme

It's the morning.

I'm ready for school already.  Yeah, already - and it's only 6.24am.

The child isn't.  He's lying on the sofa telling me he's ill and can't go to school.  He's got an hour before we leave, so it's fine.  He'll recover in a moment.  When I offer hime breakfast I expect!

Yesterdays course was........

I don't know!

On the one hand it is very introverted, and very much about looking at why I'm doing everything I'm doing.  There's a mnemonic and everything lol!  Everything I do in the next six weeks, school related, has  to be evaluated against DR ICE.

Deeper thinking.
Roleplaying learning
Impact on progress
Challenging Expectations
Engaging in Learning

It's about working smarter instead of harder, more thoroughly instead of faster, and so on.

It was hard work in some ways - it is always hard to look at what you do from an objective stance, and take out your own biased point of view.  It's also hard to find a reason for doing something that you have always done because that is the way it is done.

I also had the most majorleague stinking headache on Monday night, that made me useless.  I have never had a headache that bad.  Not so bad I wanted to actually be sick.  Not so bad that my boy made me a cup of tea (although that's the kind of thing he does every now and again, because he loves me!)  Not so bad that J took one look at me and went "We'll order tea in tonight, you look terrible."

I ended up taking something called Syndol, which joyously announces on it's box that I must not take it for more than 3 days or it could be addictive. Addictive?  I must have been ill or I would never have bought it lol!

Anyway, I had better get my shake on and get to work.  I'm not feeling great again, but there's nothing so bad I can't go to school - just tired and achy and my skin itches in a really weird way (usually means I have a temperature lol!)

I have to make myself a DR ICE poster for my room, as a visual reminder as well!

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