Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtual blogging?

Recently I ave gone back to the blog a couple of times, and noticed that posts I had posted weren't there.  There was a simple reason for this - I hadn't posted them.

I have been writing blog posts in my head, changing wording, layout and so on, and then thinking I'd actually put them up.  Clearly I hadn't.

SO in short order, seeing as the last time I posted was my "The nurse wants me to go to weightloss clinc" post, here is what has been happening in my world.

Thursday - I get a phonecall from the man to say "Don't do anything for tea tonight, and be ready to go at 6."  It turns out I am being taken out to Pizza Hut for my birthday, with the AC and J, with D from J's work, and Steve and Angela and children and it is a Lovely, Lovely, Time.

Friday, being as it is my Actual Birthday (and Holocaust Memorial Day) I have cards and presents at home (gloves, and the Hairy Bikers Pie book) and then I go to school and I get cards and presents (wine, chocolates, candles etc) and then we went to Leamington and I got cards and presents (£30, socks, a plush beaver) and then we vegged out and went to bed.

As it is my birthday I am glossing over the antics of the ex lol!

Saturday, being as it is the day after my birthday, we went to town and J bought me a new hoodie from Animal in a pale green colour which is gorgeous, and a SMALL.  Ha nursie!  We had lunch from the Spud Man which made the AC very happy, and then went home and chilled out.  I had to do some work, but it was only a few hours of marking and planning, so it's all good.

Sunday, being as it was still my birthday weekend (admittedly at my insistence) we went to Charlecotte Park and had a wander and saw some magnificent deer with massive antlers and decided that it was a 3 year old that had run into the car the other day.  We had roast chicken lunch, and then I worked and knitted and watched Poirot and the boys played and J had a sleep.  Eventually we dropped T-Boy off and went home and I got another card and a a cheque in it, and so because I had a card that means I was right and it was still my birthday!

Monday was a school day and I have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to marking and planning, and I will discuss this more in another blog post, but I Made My Views Heard.  There is no point moaning behind someones back if you don't say it to their face.  Unless they are an Ex, in which case there is no point in saying anything to their faces, unless you say the thing you don't want done, and then they will do it just to spite you.  Yes, I do it to the AC's dad.  Yes it works.  Yes we did it to the She-Ex, and yes, it worked.

After all this time, I am still automatically writing She-Ex.  Ah well.  I hope it's all cool and froody in their world.  It's all cool and froody in mine.

It's another day for the course, and I am off to be Improved.

Oh yes.

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