Tuesday, February 28, 2012

coming up for air.....

I've had a heck of a few days.

It's all going according to plan - I have gorgeous new carpet in the front room, and everything is good.

I have passed the course, and everything is good.  (Actually, everything is more than good, more than very good, but it's rude to boast lol!)

I have washing to sort and a kitchen and bathroom to clean and lessons to plan and mark.

I also have a couple of emails to write and other stuff.

Going to chill for a moment though, and just watch some Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and get on with things in a moment.

Oh, and (not that it matters, because I'm not that shallow!) I am wearing size 12 UK trousers.  Not 14's.  Oh no, not 14's.  12's.  Yes.

Although I don't care, because I'm not that shallow.  But they are 12's.

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