Monday, February 13, 2012

So it's true.....

I should not be allowed near technology when under the influence of prescription drugs.  Particularly the ones with "May cause addiction" on them.  

They work on the headache by overlaying it with a load of mush until the headache can no longer be felt.  I suppose we're meaning in the same way as the Princess couldn't feel the Pea.  Except she still could.  Look, you know what I'm trying to get at?


Mistakes made yesterday :-

Confusing Fleming and Faraday and trying to insist that it is Faraday who had the left and right hand rule. (Left for motors, right for generators)

Then trying to insist that Faraday cage was not Faraday but Fleming. (I am truly ashamed of that.)

Then referring to what was dropped on Hiroshima as a nuclear bomb. (no, it's an atom bomb.  I know that.  Again with the shame curtains)

Then criticising T-Boys table manners, at table.  Admittedly, he was reaching for more cake with a large lump still being chewed over in his mouth, and we had just spent 15 minutes waiting for him to finish his meal, which was totally different to that which everyone else had, and he *still* messed about with eating it, but I probably shouldn't have asked if his mother had ever considered teaching him some manners as he was looking like a right Council House Brat.  Oh yes, and J's mum and dad were there.  

In between these events, I also wrote a post yesterday (on my phone which has eaten all of the layout!) which has apparently got Rich's ex-wife's all uptight.  I referred to a standing joke that he and I had.  It's my blog, my memory, my way of looking at things, my peculiar sense of humour, my defiant optimism that laughs in the face of danger and misery.

According to the email I had yesterday though, it was me taking potshots at her.

"I had intended on giving you my current address. 

However I went by and read your blog, and I see you still enjoy taking potshots at me over two and a half years after Richard died.

Grow up."

Well, I have.  So if it makes her feel better, I can offer a public apology on here.  She used to laugh at us, she said, but laughing at a memory of laughing at her with Rich is A Bad Thing.  I don't want to upset anyone - I've got past that.  I have a lovely life again now, and J and I were talking last night about how there is every chance that that was arranged by Rich and God.  I don't need to dwell on the negative parts of the past, just on the bits that made me laugh, and that memory was one of them.

Speaking of laughing, yesterday the AC laughed properly for the first time I can remember since the accident.  Long belly laughs, not just a bit of a giggle, which has been more and more since J has been in our lives, but proper big long laughs.

There he is, in his Scotty's Little Soldiers top, of which he is a very proud member, and laughing at Mr Bean.  To see him regaining his love of the world again piece by piece, is a remarkable thing.  To hear him laugh like that, is priceless.

I am a very lucky woman. (who is also on half term this week, so may be talking more drivel than usual, but will be staying away from prescription meds like that one!)

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