Sunday, March 18, 2012

How I met your father. Part 3

Dear BG,

This is the beginning of the difficult to write about bit.  Some of what I am about to write will annoy your mother, but it's truth.

We've covered how I first met your Daddy, and how our friendship grew in previous posts.

We're now in around May/June time.  You were spending a lot of time with me or at nursery or at the Child minders.  Mummy had a job, working at a veg box place I think, but didn't always go.  I was fine to pick you up from nursery, you were always pleased to see me!  Sometimes I had to walk you back round the long way to mine, so that we didn't have to go past your mum's house and you see the car at home.  Sometimes I was phoned to collect you from the childminder because she was a friend of your Daddy and a friend of mine, and she didn't want your mummy or Daddy to have a massive bill.  I'd collect you, and then I'd call your Daddy so that he knew where you were, and he'd collect you on the way home.

You were a funny little girl.  Sometimes I'd get told off by your nursery for you not having spare clothes, or being potty trained or whatever, but you were cheerful most of the time, and wanted to be with people.  You and your mum and AC and I were still going out sometimes for coffee with the other mums and children, and we loved it.  We would chat and you children would play and it would be good!  We'd go up to the park and play, and you and AC would have a Froggy Choc on the way home.

Sometimes I look back at those days, and I think, wow, we didn't know what was around the corner.

Early May was also the time that I started to get really good friends with Caroline.  She was very very pregnant with the twins. We worried about you so much. Your mum was not in a good place in her own head, and the house showed it.  It was nasty.  I'd never seen anywhere so filthy and dirty and grim.  You were still not potty trained, always hungry, always grubby.  Still had a dummy and a babies bottle.  We worried.  But your Daddy promised us that things would change, and that your mum just needed help and time.  We offered both.  Your Daddy and I tidied all through downstairs when Pete and Carla were coming once, and 2 days later it was back the same.  Mummy wasn't working then.

In June, AC's Dad went to Canada.  He was happy for all of us to use our big car (I think yours was off the road or something - I'd have to check back on the old blog!)


I went back to look on the old blog Princess, and I got lost in those days.  I read all sorts of things, about you being round for lunch, or when I'd had you whilst mummy and Daddy went to a meeting and then you were picked up at 1035pm - you were three.  We'd had a lovely evening though, you and I.  We'd done some sewing and I'd made you a bag with a strap and a 'R' for your name on it, You'd chosen the material and thread, and sort of helped with the sewing.  You were so proud of it, you carried it around for days!

 They were good days BG.  Your nursery Sports Day that Daddy came to and ran with you was one of the proudest days of his life.  Watching him swing you up into his arms when he picked you up from mine.  Listening to you say "I love you Daddy," or sing "Big ship sailed on the Alley alley o"

So many good memories.

Bad ones to come, but these were all so good.

So I'm going to leave this section there.

love and *hugs*


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