Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hiatus again?

I haven't written in here for a while again.

It's not that I have nothing to say - nor that I don't think too many people read this - nor that I am not feeling anything at the moment - it's more that I am feeling so much that I don't know how to word it in a way that other people will understand.

It is the holidays.  The AC and I have done Not A Lot.  In fact, if I look at the holidays I've had since I went back to teaching, they have pretty much all been occupied.

2005 - before I started teaching - the summer of He-Ex terrible behaviour, the summer of Rich and I's friendship, the summer of the She-Ex taking BG away, the summer of such intense emotions from and for everyone.  I started work in the November, having moved into this town to a horrible little rented place.
2006 - the summer of moving here and the nastiest of the emails from Abroad.
2007 - the summer of the kitchen here
2008 - the summer of Rich being away in Afghanistan, and then home :-)
2009 - the summer of his death
2010 - the summer of cleaning J's house for him to move.
2011 - the summer of cleaning upstairs here - and yes, it took a summer.  I had done nothing since Rich died.  That summer I cleaned upstairs, had our room carpeted, moved bedrooms around and so on.  We moved the rooms around downstairs, recarpeted, and had the first 3 week session with T-Boy.
2012 - this summer.

This summer I have nothing particular to do.  I have the garden to clear, but that needs a strimmer (or napalm) and will get done when the weather is clearer.  I have 3 weeks with T-Boy coming up, but I believe that will be fine and will go well.  I have faith.  I have support.

Hopefully though, this summer will be the summer of the camper van.  We have received one of our payments from Rich's pensions, and the other lump sum is on it's way.  My monthly payment will continue ad infinitum.  I've also secured a payment from the PPI scandal that has been going on, and that was over £3500, so it is all adding up towards our camper.  We even think we've found one.  She'd be perfect for what we want.

Who knows what this summer will bring.  I know it will bring sewing though!

There is always sewing!

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