Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cup of tea?

This is my massive cup of tea. Massive, I tells ye. Today I raise it to the lovely Rachel, aka BG, in the hope that she had a wonderful Christmas, and that she knows that thousands of miles away, we're thinking of her. A lot. (It's a very big cup of tea!)

Highlights from Christmas? A very, very happy child. His Scotty present was a Kindle Fire HD, and he also had a 'missing the Millies' present of a James Bond Aston Martin. J and I got him a bike and sundry small presents like books and so forth. Both boys had new Scotty tops!

And me? I was shamelessly spoilt by J, with a 3DS XL and a lovely calligraphy set.

J had bits for his plane, which he wanted, and T-boy had a lovely day as well. I'm not going into his presents on here - his mother has some kind of jealousy issue about it all I think. Ah well. She'll get over it. Or not.

Anyway, today is for slobbing out on the sofa. And with my massive cup of tea, I am able to do just that!