Wednesday, December 19, 2012

World's Strongest Man

I'm having one of those days. One of those unsettled, unsure, slightly grieving, slightly miserable, kind of days. And it's ok, and itwillallbefine, and so forth, but it is still there.

It started with David
Bowie, Winter's Tale, and then just lingered all day.

It's ending with World's Strongest Man, something that we used to watch together.

J is out, and went the other way, so I didn't get to wave. Tonight that really bothers me. I remember seeing Rich off, the morning he died. I remember like it was yesterday. I remember the last smile, the last wave, the last rise to settle his leathers, the last sight of him going up and over the bridge.

The next time I saw him, he was cold, laid out in the viewing room, and he was just an empty shell.

Life became like the Atlas stones, each day bigger, heavier, more difficult to manage. But I had the AC, and then lovely J, and now I'm super strong again.

Mostly. Maybe I just have mental cramp today.....

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